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macaulay culkin needs to leave me alone (i mean it this time)

i'm in fucking love with macaulay culkin
you have no idea
i've been googling him on a daily basis
for about a week now
just kidding
i’ve been googling him for years now
there’s this one picture where he's sort of
sitting down on the ground with really short shorts
and i feel like i can almost see his naked penis
but i can only see his white undies
and i can’t stop thinking about macaulay manning
i mean ryan culkin
i mean ryan manning
i was just kidding about macaulay culkin
ryan manning’s penis is way wetter
i mean way better
i mean i wouldn’t know
if it’s wetter or better
i’ve never felt macaulay’s
nor ryan’s penis in real life

fuck my life

ryan manning makes me forget
about macaulay culkin

this is not a comparison between the two but
ryan wins my pussy forever

hello ryan
let’s fuck (in public)
and post it on blogger
or something